Octoplazm is a small handmade factory that creates and prints original designs on textiles.

Creative T-shirts

« Wash inside out » is an important recommandation to make the design quality and colours last over time. « Wear right side out » is a simple suggestion. You’re free to dress however you like. Octoplazm would definitely not want to restrain your creativity!

Moisset Corp.

It started with an idea of customizing T-shirts, that popped into the mind of the Moisset siblings. After learning about different printing processes, they broke open their 3 piggy banks to buy the basic equipment needed for flocking: a heat press and a cutting plotter.

This idea quickly evolved: creating a brand, developping collections, an online shop and proposing original T-shirts. Slighlty geek, rather cool, fun but not hick.

Octoplazm is born.

A handmade process

Competing with big companies producing at large scale and low costs is not the goal. Octoplazm naturally aims towards a handmade process (making creation and small scale its first choice), ethical and responsible (carefully selecting sustainable products and ethical suppliers).

Along her artistic wanderings, the sister found the linocut process and possibility to print directly on fabric with a laundry resistant ink. The big brother is already far away in the southern hemisphere. The little brother is somewhere between several countries.

So, who does what?

Élice is an illustrator. She creates designs, draws and engraves. The T-shirts are printed in her small apartment and dry for weeks, hanging from the living room ceiling. That’s one of the reason why it’s difficult to have a stock.

Sylvain, is « the IT guy » for Octoplazm. Originally 3D artist, he moved to New Zealand few years ago to start new studies. He installed and is in charge of the online shop.

In 2016, Octoplazm swopped the pretty Atlantic’s waves for the beautiful peaks of the Pyrenees, and set up in Toulouse area.