Since our planet is precious and its amazing landscapes are worth enjoying, Octoplazm make the choice to use environmentally friendly products.

Textiles come from organic farming for cotton, sustainably managed sources for bamboo viscose and Lyocell or from recycling for polyester, and is certificated by trustworthy labels, like GOTS (global organic textile standard).


Organic is nice but… what does it mean when people are exploited or are enduring deplorable conditions. Octoplazm also make the choice to use ethical products.

Textiles come from factories that respect workers rights and work conditions, certificated and controlled by trustworthy labels like the Fair Wear Foundation.


And last, since selling eco and ethical T-shirts is cool… but not that much when they shrink in the laundry, Octoplazm ran lots of laundry tests to assure you quality garments. Remember to wash your T-shirts inside out and at 30°C!

Octoplazm get its supplies directly from Continental Clothing Co. and Stanley/Stella, both seriously respecting these criteria.